There are lots of exciting new tastes and textures to try and we hope you'll love our dishes as much as we do.


available until 11.30am Monday to Friday


Avocado Toast / 8.5 

Company Bakery sourdough toast, smashed avocado, free range poached egg, 

Aleppo chilli, crumbled feta 

Add Ramsay’s of Carluke streaky bacon / 2.5 

Add Scottish smoked salmon / 3.0


Shakshuka / 8 

Our twist on a North African egg dish- tomatoes, peppers, caraway, cumin, topped with baked free range egg, tahini yoghurt, hazelnut dukkah & Company Bakery sourdough

Add The Store Company black pudding / 1.5 

Add free range egg / 1


French Toast / 9.5 

Company bakery sourdough soaked in egg & cream, panfried 

filled with Ramsay’s of Carluke steaky bacon, Scottish cheddar, corn salsa


Home Roasted Granola / 5.5 

Porridge oats, coconut shavings, cranberries, almonds, linseed, pumpkin, sunflower & 

black sesame seeds, topped with natural yoghurt, sweet dukkah & Origin Scottish heather honey  

               Add soya yoghurt / 0.5  maca / 0.5cacao nibs / 0.5 seasonal berries / 1 


Bircher Muesli / 5.5

Rolled Scottish oats, coconut, cinnamon, Granny Smith apple, Origins honey,

Greek yoghurt & crushed pistachios


Spiced Korean Bacon Roll / 6.5 

Korean spiced gochujuan bacon, free range poached egg, kimchi,


Crispy Smoked Bacon or Black Pudding Roll/ 4 

Ramsay’s of Carluke smoked streaky & back bacon or The Store Company black pudding,  

with our house chipotle ketchup 


Buttermilk Scones / 3 

Mature Scottish cheddar, three mustard and parsley scone, homemade beetroot chutney 

Sultana and spice scone, homemade Scottish berry jam

 Signature Honeycomb & Co. Honey Bun / 3

Aisha’s specially created and definitely worth a taste

Freshly baked cinnamon, cardamom, tahini & honey glazed bun


Juice add on  

with any of the above breakfast items: 

orange juice / 2 apple juice / 2 





Soup of the Day, Bread & Butter / 5 

Cream of mushroom & tarragon, Company Bakery sourdough & Scottish butter 

The Honeycomb & Co. Loaf Tin / 3.5 

Our daily home baked breads – Company bakery sourdough, flatbread & lavosh 

  Gorebridge Supernature cold pressed rapeseed oil & hazelnut dukkah 

Add three tasty dips add beetroot hummus, baba ghanoush, tahini yoghurt / 2.5 



All items below served with your choice of salads – pick as many as you like! 

Ras el Hanout Chicken / 10

Chicken marinaded in cumin seeds, coriander seeds, turmeric, ginger & cardamom, turmeric crème fraiche

Aberdeen Angus Beef/ 11

Rare Aberdeen Angus beef, creamy horseradish

Today’s Salad Selection 

                   Choose your plate size & salads / Large 10.00 / Medium 7.00 / Small 4.00

Roasted honey glazed parsnip, carrot & squash, spinach, nigella seeds, honey & lemon dressing GF / DF

Summer slaw - fennel, kohlrabi, Granny Smith apple, radish, mustard mayonnaise GF

Roasted aubergine, tahini yoghurt, pomegranate seeds GF

Barley, roasted fennel & aubergine, pickled pink onion, herby dressing DF

Giant cous cous, courgette ribbons, feta, mint, lemon & herb dressing


Vietnamese Prawn Pho / 9 

King prawns, slowly cooked aromatic broth, rice noodles, carrots, spring onion, coriander & chilli GF /DF 


Shakshuka / 8

Our twist on a North African egg dish - tomatoes, peppers, caraway, cumin, free range baked egg,

tahini yogurt, hazelnut dukkah & Company Bakery sourdough bread / GF option available 

Add The Store Company black pudding / 1.5

Add free range egg / 1


Aberdeen Angus Pulled Beef / 13

20 hour ‘slow & low’ cooked Aberdeen Angus pulled beef marinated in BBQ harissa & maple syrup,

brioche roll, oven roasted sweet potato wedges, pickled cucumber & aioli  


Lamb Koftas / 11.5 

Lamb koftas with cumin, cinnamon, coriander & chipotle 

baba ghanoush, pomegranate seeds, herbed garden salad, flatbread / GF option available 


Creamy Macaroni / 9

Creamy macaroni, sun blush tomatoes, pine nuts, topped with Mull cheddar & Comte herby breadcrumbs,

green & herb salad, Company Bakery sourdough bread to mop up the leftovers!


French Toast / 9.5 

Company Bakery sourdough soaked in egg & cream, pan fried 

Ramsay’s streaky bacon, Scottish cheddar & corn salsa 


King Prawn & Crayfish Macaroni / 14

Creamy macaroni, king prawns, crayfish topped with Mull cheddar & Comte herby breadcrumbs

green & herb salad, Company Bakery sourdough to mop up the left overs!



(these sample menus can vary depending on what yummy ingredients we can get our hands on, so may change!)

Please inform a member of the team if you are allergic to any food items before you order. Please note that we cannot guarantee the absence of allergens in out dishes, due to being produced in a kitchen that contains allergens.